Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One cool math trick

An easy way to multiply by 11

11 X 42 = 462
This is obtained by
First digit of the number : 4
Adding the two digits: 4+2 :6
Last digit of the number: 2
So, the answer is 462 !!

Let's try another one.

Here, 4+8 = 12, its greater than 9, so add a carry to the first number

First Digit: 4
Last Digit of Adding the digits 8+4: 2 (carry 1)
Last digit: 8

So the answer(don't forget the carry)

Try some at home with your school aged child over dinner today :)

Monday, February 11, 2013


Museum of Math

When I make my next trip to NYC, this is one place I would like to take my 7-yr old to. MoMath - the Museum of Math. I am curious to see how abstract mathematical concepts can be presented in easily accessible, engaging displays. The museum is geared towards grades 4-8, but it would be equally engaging to grown ups (I mean, how many of us remember what tesselation is?). You can ride a square wheeled bike and ride a "coaster" on acorns. The sinks in th bathroom are pentagonal, and there is a huge symbol of Pi on the front door.

Admission is $15 for Adults, $9 for kids 2-12.
11 East 26th Street
New York, NY 10010
United States

10 AM - 5 PM, 7 days a week
On March 6th, the Museum will be open from 10 AM - 3 PM.
(212) 542-0566

Friday, February 8, 2013

Welcome, Parents!

Welcome to the Komodo Life! This blog will capture interesting resources and ideas for getting our kids excited about science, technology, engineering and math. From books, online resources to cool stuff to do at home, you will find this place to be quite happening. We want to create a community of parents who believe that STEM is cool :) We certainly believe it!